Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome To Titletown

For a real long time it wasn't easy being a Boston sports fan. Growing up as a child, we had Celtics championships but I was too young to really appreciate the importance. As I grew older, like most guys in Massachusetts, my world revolved around the professional sports teams in Boston. Needless to say, most years were filled with heartbreak, letdowns and unfilled promises of certain championships only to be lost in ways that would defy the odds.  This all changed in 2001 when the Pats beat the St Louis Rams in Superbowl XXVI.  The Patriots were the biggest underdogs in Superbowl history at that point in time and they defied all odds and won with a solid team effort. In doing that, they paved the way for all Boston teams to break so called "curses" and 39 and 86 year droughts. In the following years after 01, the Sox won the World Seried in 04 & 07, the Pats won Superbowls again in 04 and 05. The C's won one in 08 with the original Big Three and the B's of course recently just made the most historic run in Cup history by winning 3 game sevens in one postseason. One guy called it on a recent blog post but he doesn't like to gloate.  Anyway, my point is this, Boston has come a long way in the 38 years I've lived here. We're no longer the loveable losers, we're the winners you love to hate and you know what, I'll take that label any day of the week. My nephew is 15 and he's already seen 7 rolling rallies and what that translates to me is that there are only more to come. Hats off to all the ownerships and management of the four major sports teams in Boston. They've put this city in the best position possible: no championship any given year equates to a failure. As fans, what more can we ask for? They have changed the landscape of Boston sports forever and they have made us "Titletown".

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  1. woo-hoo!! I still remember the Sox parade back in the day. so much fun!