Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stay At Home Parents

After a long day at home with my two kids, I felt it necessary to give a shout out to all those stay at home parents who don't get nearly enough credit for the daily pain and suffering they go through while their spouse is at "work". I work a full time job for a large company and while I feel the need to complain about my job on an hourly basis during the week, it pales in comparison to the amount of work required to take care of two children for 12 hours (in a row) by myself one day a week. Now I do my fair share of parenting on a daily basis but usually my wife is present and the responsibility isn't solely on my shoulders. It breaks down to about 33% of the work 50% of the time. Mondays are a completley different story though. My wife leaves early in the morning and usually one minute after she leaves, the kids wake up and the demands, not requests, begin. "Daddy get me juice. Daddy put on a movie. Daddy stop pretending your asleep". I love my kids more than anything in the world but after a few hours of their abuse....yes abuse, I'm ready to break out the passport and head for the border. So this brings us to stay at home parents. I know this is usually stay at home moms but I'm trying to be fair to the small percentage of men who would be insane enough to agree to stay home everyday and be responsible for 100% of the work 100% of the time. For all you moms out there who choose to stay at home and provide child care for your children each and everyday, I think you're gonna get some real special treatment when you move on to a better place. I realize that daycare is astronomically expensive but isn't keeping your sanity priceless? People, I really need some feedback on this one. Does anyone else share this opinion or does this make me a bad parent? Excuse me while I go hug my wife.


  1. hmmm, not sure I agree with the whole percentage thing!! Anyway, I have such respect for the moms who choose to stay at home. it's a freaking hard job!!

  2. I hope there's some special treatment one day, maybe even sooner vs later!
    I think its ALL hard. I don't know how families with both parents working manage to get it all done. This is the side of parenting no one warns you about!

  3. Try being a single parent to 3 kids and working full time. There is no mystery why I look forward to my one night "off" a week when they spend the night with their Dad.