Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Guy Is A Complete AssBag

Ok, so who gives a shit about what the Kansas City Royals are doing on any given day during the entire year. I find it hard that even people who live in Missouri can be fans of a team that has such a consistent reputation of being on the bottom of their division year in and year out.  But that's not to say that they don't deserve to give their players a chance to succeed. I'd love to find out what rookie pitcher Vin Mazzaro did to the Royals manager (Ned Yost because I know nobody knows that) to prompt him to leave this poor kid in the game while he gave up 14 runs over 2 1/3 innings in what is being called "the worst pitching performance in major league history".  He must of ran over his dog, slept with his wife or took his daughter to prom because basically Ned Yost just gave this kid the rear admiral. Mazzaro's pitching line reads as a terrible: 2.1 innings pitched, 11 hits, 14 earned runs, 3 walks, 2 strikeouts (imagine being those 2 guys) and a 22.75 ERA.  I'm not here to defend this guy's performance by any means. If he were in Boston, I'd being calling for him to be publicly caned on Yawkey Way by Johnny Pesky himself but lets lean on the side of humanity for a moment. Imagine being this kid in his first major league pitching appearance, and most likely his last as you're left hung out to dry by your manager. Nobody was ever even up in the bullpen getting ready in relief. You work your entire life for the moment you take the mound in the bigs and your manager does you like this? How do you recover? He was sent down to Omaha after the game so a shot of redemption is out the window and the chance of being recalled is most likely slim to none. If I were Mazzaro, I would dedicate my life after baseball which will most likely be in the near future to sweet revenge on Ned Yost.  I would put a bounty on this guys head if I were this kid. In closing, I'd like to give thanks that Danny Ainge isn't the GM of the Red Sox because in his ultimate wisdom, he would probably trade Beckett straight up for this kid.

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