Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mother Nature Is A Crazy Bitch

This past Wednesday night, 3 tornado's touched down in Mass killing four and injuring several others. Overall, 19 communities were affected by the severe storms that passed through the entire state sending families into their basements and sending the Commonwealth into a state of emergency.  The last serious tornado in Mass was all the way back in 1953 so my question is this? What's up with this crazy weather lately?  From the Tsunami in Japan, floods in Tennessee and Mississippi, Earthquakes in South America and the Caribbean and the deadly twisters wreaking havoc all over the south and Midwest I'm starting to wonder if all these ridiculous theories of the world coming to an end are actually true.  It seems like every week, somewhere in the world, communities are being devastated by mother nature.  As I sat on my front steps Wednesday night with a camcorder in one hand and a Heineken in the other watching the night sky in a seemingly constant flash of lightening, I started to think how lucky we were to be spared in this latest round of crazy weather.  I realize that the weather in New England is as unpredictable as the lottery and the only reason to watch the weather is to see what Dylan Dreyer is wearing at noon on a weekday but wtf  is up with this? Do we really have reason to worry here? Should I consider emptying the bank account and heading to Vegas?  If anyone has any theories on this I would love to hear them because if the world is really gonna end, I have to get my ass on the golf course asap. I'll have to wear a jacket though because it's about 55 degrees out there today, June 4th.

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  1. We are definitely luck to have been spared from all the destruction. No question there.