Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bon Bini

Welcome to Aruba!  Another woman was just reported missing while snorkeling in Aruba. First reports from Aruban authorities is that she "drifted out to sea in strong currents".  Now I know the reaction from the US is to immediately blame Aruba as a whole for this tragedy but let me try to change your minds. Lets start by saying that nowhere in the entire world is completely safe and that there are bad people everywhere. Knowing this, how could we possibly place the blame on Aruba for this?  We're talking about possibly the best place on earth people.  The sand is pure white, the water is clear blue and the people are some of the nicest I've ever met in my life.  We all know that when travelling to a foreign country, we have to expect that some of the luxuries we're used to in the states just don't exist when we're in these places. Like Dunkins on every corner, top notch health care or a police force who gives a shit.  The Aruban cops proved in 05 that they can't, nor do they want to solve crimes.  Sure they go through the motions but they're not hoping to find anything. If your economy was based 100% on tourism, would you want to solve a murder on your home soil? The answer is no and to be honest, half of my selfish ass is happy about this because I know when I travel there every year, I won't get my balls busted about minor things like drinking in public, public nudity or a harmless case of challenging local cabbies to fist fights.  This brings me to my next point, we're lucky that the people of Aruba don't kill us or drown us at sea more often because when we visit their home, we act like assholes. We  drink like fish, make a menace of ourselves at the restaurants and fuck up local traffic in our Kia rental cars.  Everyone has a breaking point so maybe they're reaching theirs after putting up with years of Massholes asking where El Gaucho was while drinking a Balashi and wearing a Disney World button down because we think it's ok to wear anything while on vacation. Don't get me wrong, I hope they find this girl alive and well but my opinion is that regardless of the outcome and who's to blame in this case, Aruba will be blamed and a boycott will be called for. On the bright side, maybe that would lower airfare and I could visit One Happy Island twice in 2011.

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